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 Frequently Asked Questions
Q. How do I avail the services of center for analysis of samples?

Please check our price list for the tests or analyses that we perform on commercial basis. If the analysis that you want to perform is not in the list then please contact us and we will let you know whether we can carry out the analyses required by you. If the required analysis is available in the list then please refer information about sampling and sample preservation it will give you details about how to preserve sample/ the container to be used. Send the sample to us along with sample login form and the required amount. Please refer our turn around time for the results of analysis. If you require the analysis urgently please contact the concerned head of the section and they will help you. At present we do not charge any additional fees for urgent samples.

Q. Who do I call for a price quote?

Our prices are fixed and you can refer our price list for the particular analysis. If any analysis and or test is not covered in this price list then please contact us 
The General Supervisor
P.Box 3094, FWLC, MRMWR
P.Code 111, Central Post Airport Area, MUSCAT
Sultanate of Oman
Phones (00968) 24522160, (00968) 24522113, (00968) 24521011
FAX – 00968 24522168
Email:  fwlc@mrmwr.gov.om

Q. Do you provide sample pickups?

We do not have any facility to pick up samples. Samples have to be delivered to our center.

Q. Do you have more than one facility?

Our main testing facility is located near Muscat international Airport. Please refer our contact details to reach us. Apart from the central facilities we also have eight regional laboratories in each region. We carry out routine microbiological analysis of food, water and treated waste water in these regional laboratories. Please contact us for more details

Q. What type of LIMS do you have?

We currently manage all sample data with the SAPPHIRE R4 LIMS from LabVantage USA. For more details on LIMS please click here

Q. What are your standard turnaround times?

The turnaround time vary from sample to sample and depends on the test, substrate etc. Please refer our individual sections for the turn around time for analysis and reporting.

General Analysis of Food Section
General Analysis of Water and Trace Metal Section
Microbiology and Biotechnology Analysis Section
Organic Analysis Section
Regional Laboratories

Q. What kind of projects have you worked on?

We have successfully completed many projects   If you are interested to jointly undertake any project of community interest and relevant to us   please contact us. 

Q. What is the experience of your laboratory team?

We have a strong technical team with many years of experience in their respective fields. The laboratory center is functioning under different names for the last twenty two years and most of the staff members have experience in excess of ten years.

Q. What are the limits set by the Omani standards or other international organizations like EPA, WHO, FAO etc?

A commonly asked question from many customers. Please refer our useful information section to get details about it.

Q. How do we interpret the analysis report of water?

Please refer our useful information section where we have explained the significance of each analysis.

Q. Do you offer services for sampling?

Usually we do not offer these services. However, please contact us  and we will consider to send our team for sampling under special circumstances

Q. Do you supply sample bottles?

We supply sample bottles on request. Normally we do not charge anything for sampling bottles. You can procure microbiology sample bottles/ containers from any of the pharmacy shops. 

Q. How do you send the Certificate of Analysis?

Usually customers collect the COAs However, we can send it by ordinary mail to the postal address given by customer or we can send it in PDF format as email attachment on the email address given by the customer.

Q. What happens to the sample after completion of analysis?

Normally we dispose the samples 5 days after the generation of COA. In case you want the sample back then please mention it on the sample request. Perishable/ contaminated samples are usually disposed off immediately.