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Regional Municipalities organize Food safety and Municipal Work Conference 2018 ... next April

Aiming to ensure the food safety and upgrade the municipal work system

Regional Municipalities organize Food safety and Municipal Work Conference 2018 ... next April

Al Ghuraibi / Food Safety Week reflects Oman`s keenness on safety and quality of food

The Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources will organize a conference on food safety and municipal work in cooperation with the Sultan Qaboos University and the concerned authorities, during the period from 9-11 April. HE Hamad Bin Sulaiman Al Ghuraibi, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources, assured that the Food Safety and Municipal Work Conference for 2018, is one of Food Safety Week activities, which is organized by the Ministry for the fifth consecutive year since its inception in 2014 in cooperation with a number of stakeholders. The conference reflects the interest and concern of the Sultanate for the safety and quality of food as a prior issue concerned with public health and disease prevention, and therefore focus on it through the participation of all segments of society.

Al Ghuraibi explained that the food safety and quality system is one of the most important pillars of the municipal work aimed at protecting the health and safety of the consumer and public health. The system faces a number of challenges at all local, regional and international levels, such as the emergence of modern technologies in the fields of food industry and preservation, commercial fraud changing consumption patterns and increasing water- and food-borne diseases, and their impact on the areas of tourism, trade, business, education, health and others.

There is no doubt that these and other challenges need to be addressed through the rehabilitation of human cadres working in the control bodies and provide them with the latest means, equipment and testing devices to combat them and limit their impact. The various media and modern social media form an important role in raising awareness among different segments of society on the importance of safety and quality Food and preserving the municipal achievements.

His excellency said that the conference on food safety and municipal work for 2018 will include discussing a number of aspects related to the food safety and municipal work. It aims at getting familiar with the latest developments and sharing the scientific and practical experiences in these two fields and presenting the experiences and projects of the GCC countries in the municipal field, with the participation of a group of experts and specialists from around the world and the GCC countries. His excellency added that the conference will include several key themes. In the area of ??food safety, the conference will discuss the safety and quality of food in the markets of GCC countries and its impacts on the public health, information and awareness, strategies, food security, consumer food habits, food safety and the importance of its systems applications. In addition, discussion of emerging risks and modern technologies in the area of ??food safety. In the municipal area, new systems and technologies will be discussed in the field of food safety systems. In the municipal area, modern systems and technologies will be discussed, along with partnership with the private sector in the development of municipal works and the best practices in the field of sustainable urban planning and voluntary work areas.

In order to raise the level of awareness of a largest number of segments of the society, a number of awareness-raising activities and programs will be organized in different wilayats and governorates of the Sultanate to introduce the efforts exerted in this field, the requirements and laws to be followed for a safe and healthy food.

Al Ghuraibi concluded his speech stressing the need for cooperation by the entire community with the concerned parties in the food safety and health and work side by side to confront all kinds of commercial fraud and counterfeiting foodstuffs in order to achieve safety for all and make community fully aware of the right aspects that ensure a healthy and disease-free life .

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Expired food items Destroyed

AL MUDHAIBI — The inspection teams affiliated to Al Mudhaibi municipality is continuing inspection campaigns on restaurants, coffee shops and commercial establishments in Al Mudhaibi, Al Shariq, Al Fath, Al Ridda and Al Zahib to ensure that health specifications are properly applied and to boost food safety standards. The municipality health inspectors in the Niyabat of Sinaw have issued 26 violations and destroyed 916 food items and 69 kilogrammes of fruits and vegetables that were found to be unfit for human consumption. They have also confiscated a considerable amount of rotten dates. — ONA

Safe Management of E-Waste workshop By MRMWR & BE’AH during 21 -22 May

The Ministry of Regional Municipalities & Water Resources (MRMWR), with Oman Environmental Services Holding Company S.A.O.C Be’ah, today organize a Safe Management of E- Waste workshop. The workshop opened by Dr. Khalid bin Salim al-Saeedi, Secretary-General of the State Council,

The aims of this workshop is to raise the level of awareness of the importance of safe E- waste management.

The workshop discuss the concept of E-waste management (definition, types, management, risks), in addition to the national and international laws and legislations and collection and recovery processes responsibility of producers, suppliers and manufacturers, presenting practical experiences in the field of E- Waste recycling and management.


The Ministry of Regional Municipalities & Water Resources (MRMWR), is organizing a Marathon Race on Monday, 24/03/2014, at 4:00 pm. The event is open to all public participants (men, women, children & People with special needs). The marathon race will start from Al Shafaq club till the Wave roundabout. Prizes withdrawals will be open to public participants.

This Marathon Race comes in line with the world wide celebration of the World Water Day 2014, under this year`s theme; Water and Energy. The aims of this events is to activate the role of water awareness and public participation in water resources management in order to conserve of water resources.

The International Seminar on using Unconventional Water in Urban Water Management has commence yesterday

The International Seminar on using Unconventional Water in Urban Water Management was commence yesterday morning in Crown Plaza Muscat that organized by (MRMWR) in cooperation with (RCUWM) in Tehran.

The Ministry of Energy ,Islamic Republic of Iran said," This will for sure be a good opportunity to exchange and share view points and experience on challenges related to water ".

The seminar discussed 30 research and scientific papers presented by more than 160 participants from inside and outside the Sultanate. It witnessed International participator of specialists and experts from various countries among which are Australia, Canada, Germany, Turkey, Iran, Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen and Libya.

Dr.Salim Zekry - SQU- presented a paper on Managed Aquifer Recharge Using Quaternary Treated Wastewater :an Economic Perspective . Dr.Ralf Kingbeil –ESCWA presented a paper on Treated Wastewater as an Unconventional Water Resource:example from MENA region and Dr.Edward MacBean- Canada presented a paper on Overview of Unconventional water Use in Canada –Future Opportunities and Directions. Eng.Mahmoud Al Azri- MRMWR-Sultanate of Oman presented a paper on Use of Unconventional water in Aflaj System in Oman.

Many specialists participates included from many governments and privet sectors beside many wastewater companies work in wastewater managements project in the Sultanate.

At the end a visual display show on the Sultanate`s efforts in water resources management was presented.

Bidiya celebrated for the occaasion of winning the first place at the sultanate,s level in health insight competition

The local residents of AL Wasil Village in Wilayat of Bidiya, North AL Sharqiyah Governorate, organised a celebration of the occasion of winning the first place at the sultanate,s level in the health insight competition , and the firt place in the Model Neighbourhood competition which were organised by the Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources.-ONA

Awareness campaign results announced

Ahmed bin Abdullah al Shuhi, Minister of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources, yesterday announced the results of the awareness campaign for the competitions of health control, organised by the Ministry since September, 2013 and ending with the assessment of model neighbourhoods on January 16 under the theme ” Health Control: Partnership. Awareness. Commitment”. The competitions of the campaign included the best campaign, the model neighbourhood in the governorates participating in the events and programmes of the campaign. The results are as follows:

The Best Campaign: North Al Sharqiyah won the first place, North Al Batinah stood second and Al Dakhiliyah came third. The Model Neighbourhood: Al Wasil neighbourhood in the Wilayat of Bidiya in North Al Sharqiyah Governorate came first. Al Hawail al Jadidah neighbourhood in the Wilayat of Saham in North Al Batinah came second. Falaj al Sharah neighbourhood in the Wilayat of Al Rustaq in South Al Batinah Governorate stood third. The Minister of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources also commended the substantial efforts that have been made during the campaign and which have had a significant impact on achieving good results and achieving the goals of the campaign.

Ministry intensifies hygiene checks on school canteens

The ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources has intensified the inspection of school canteens in the Sultanate as well as the food and water facilities in schools to see if there was any violation of the regulations which ensure supply of healthy food and drinking water. In statement issued yesterday, the ministry noted that it was part of its duties to inspect companies and institutions providing food and water to the school canteens including those from the private sector, to detect if any rules were being violated.

The ministry has also warned companies and institutions that they would be punished or fined if they were found violating any regulations or if the complaints against them were found true. It has been noticed that some of the schools have entered into contracts with housewives, companies and institutions for providing food , ignoring the regulations decided by the ministry, the officials said. With help of the concerned authorities , the ministry finds it necessary to inspect such facilities in the schools , including their canteens and drinking water installations , and wants to create awareness about a bout the norms officials said.

Haitham bin Khalfan Al Akhdarmi , Director of food inspections at the Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources , said that the ministry has a comprehensive and integrated plan to monitor the school canteens with the help of the concerned authorities.

He said that the inspection of school canteens involves monitoring the private sector institutions and companies delivering food every day to these canteens . He added that these measures were important to prevent any health problem. The inspections of water storage facilities is also being carried out and random samples are being checked.

Alakhdarmi said that the Ministry would take legal action against those schools and companies flouting norms if it received any complaints about food poisoning. The Ministry would carry out emergency checks at such facilities. If any of these institutions or companies were to be found flouting the regulations , they would be fined heavily , he said.

The Ministry organizes a workshop on the use of biological leakage preventing technology to make artificial underground reservoirs in Oman

The Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources held at Crown Plaza Hotel a workshop on the possibility of using bacteria in filling the gaps to make artificial underground reservoirs (biological leakage preventing technology). The workshop was attended by His Excellency Eng. Ali bin Mohammed bin Zahir Al Abri and the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources for Water Resources Affairs, Engineer Director General of Water Resources Assessment\ Salim bin Humed Al-Shebli , and a group of representatives of different Omani organizations and institutions.

The workshop focused on the way of using this technology and provided a full explanation about the experience of Greece in the application of this technique which was conducted in China due to the similarity of conditions of the Sultanate and China with regard to drought.

The workshop program started with a welcoming speech to attendants followed by a presentation on water situation and hydrological and hydrogeological characteristics in the Sultanate. Another presentation was given by Mr. Khater Al Farsi\ responsible to the functioning department of water resources control on the issues of Salinity infiltration in the Sultanate. The professor R?d Shooting presentation showed the mechanisms of using bacteria in filling gaps to make artificial underground reservoirs. Later, (professor Rio Brannj) gave a presentation on the Greek project in details followed by (professor Peter yen) speaking about the administration of Pest Control using biocides to maintain water quality and enhance food security. Finally ,the discussion was opened on the topics of the workshop and to study the latest developments on using this technology in the Sultanate and presenting opinions and suggestions on this aspect.

Minister holds meeting on water resources

Ahmed bin Abdullah bin Mohammed Al Shuhi, Minister of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources, yesterday held a meeting at the ministry with senior officials.

The meeting reviewed the progress of work at the ministry`s municipal and water projects and focused on the proposals and measures that should be taken to improve performance at the different sectors.

The minister affirmed a number of themes, including the establishment of the municipal councils. He called on everyone to interact with the recommendations and proposals of the municipal councils and provide them with the data that facilitate their work and is in line with the approved objectives

Road maintenance under way

The Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources began a programme of maintenance of Sinaw Industrial Estate recently following climatic conditions that impacted infrastructure in the area months ago. The road under restoration links the industrial estate with the highway in the Wilayat of Al Mudhaibi. The Ministry’s plan also includes the maintenance of the roads of Al Wafi a

Drought management conference proposes Scientific Technology Park

The International Conference on Drought Management Strategies in Arid and Semi Arid Regions, organised by the Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources concluded yesterday.

The closing ceremony of the conference was presided over by Ali bin Mohammed al Abri, Under-Secretary of the Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources for Water Resources Affairs. The ceremony also honoured participants who played an active role to make this event successful.

The three-day conference was organised by the Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources in co-operation with the Regional Centre on Urban Water Management in Tehran.

The conference comprised of 10 sessions in which about 54 presentations, working papers and case studies were presented to the audience during the three days. This indicates the outstanding number of the scientific inputs that have been introduced in the sessions held.

The first of its kind conference is held with the participation of 69 experts and specialists from 20 countries in addition to a number of international and regional bodies concerned with water issues.

Among the participating organisations are the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia, ESCWA, the International Hydrological Programme of Unesco and the Research Council as well as some experts, university professors, decision-makers and specialist of environment, agriculture, water resources management and development.

Oman Establishment for Press, Publication and Advertising (OEPPA), publishers of Oman Daily Observer and its sister Oman Arabic Daily were the media sponsors of the four-day International Conference.

The conference touched on different themes related to drought and water resources management and development.

The first day’s sessions highlighted the water development in drought prone areas with scarce water resources and climate change and its impact on water resources. On the second day, four sessions were held to discuss themes such as the international and regional co-operation for drought mitigation, drought monitoring, planning and management, application of remote sensing and GIs in drought and drought assessment, environmental and socio-economic impacts.

On the third day, the participants discussed two themes in 11 working papers and presentations concerning management of water used for agriculture and integrated water resources, management for the arid and semi arid regions, and water resources conservation.

In addition, different regional and international case studies were reviewed to share drought and water resources experiences in some countries around the world.

Among the case studies that were presented during the third day’s sessions were the effects of low rainfall on water availability, by Aisha al Khatri from Oman and roof top rainwater harvesting as a substantial resource in major modern cities facing droughts by Dr Taha Mohammed from Yemen.

The conference concluded with several useful recommendations compiled from the outputs of the presented working papers and presentations.

The conference recommended the need urgent need to develop a long-term plan for the integrated drought management and this plan should be prepared by all concerned authorities.

This plan aims to collect hydrological information in a special database in the Internet.The recommendations stressed the significance of finding strategic polices to overcome drought in and critical water situations in the countries facing drought problems by increasing water productivity.

The participants recommended emphasising the international initiative of drought, approved by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (Unesco), that urges the mutual international co-operation between countries and authorities concerned.

The recommendations also confirmed the importance of merging the isotope techniques in the integrated management of water resources to decrease the pressure on the available amount of water resources and taking into account the impacts on environment.

The conference urged to secure the regional co-operation to exchange data and new technologies to mitigate the negative impacts of droughts. There should be new strategies that can adapt the climate change and its increasing impacts on droughts.

In addition to the recommendations, the participants proposed suggestions such as establishing the Scientific Technology Park in the Sultanate to include a centre for researches and environment.This park will focus and drought and climate change issues.

They also recommended to form an international network to link the scientific and technological centres specialised in drought.

The conference confirmed the significance of improving the local mechanisms to invest rainwater especially in rural areas in the Sultanate.

The participants stressed the necessity to support decision-makers in water related issues in general and drought management in particular.

They also stressed the need to improve people’s skills and abilities through conducting conferences, workshops, researches and training courses.

Declaration of His Excellency / Ahmed bin Abdullah bin Mohammed Al Shihi, Minister of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources On the Occasion of the 41st Glorious National Day

On the 41st Glorious National Day, His Excellency / Ahmed bin Abdullah bin Mohammed Al Shihi, Minister of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources ensured that the 18th of November is a glorious date that makes every Omani feel proud and boastful. In this day, our happiness magnifies for our country, which manifested its modern features by the leadership of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said- may Allah protect him. Since this day, the process of building, empowerment and development had stared for a modern state that took steps on the path of progress, sublimity and glory, according to strong principles and conscious and deliberated plans, looking up to the future dimensions getting stronger and prosperous, and achieving more accomplishments for the citizens and this generous country.

His Excellency added: This precious national occasion is regarded as a meditation stop, in which we can look back to what have been achieved for this country and what have contributed to its renaissance and progress, by virtue of the wise leadership that worked on all what would raise it and continued over the years creating an epic of hard and sincere work for the progress of the Omani people and insurance of their present and future, as well as their needs and aspirations, in a balanced way to realize the achievement of the objectives of the development and its purpose to provide the well-being of present and to establish a strong base for building a bright future for the Sultanate, so that it can affirm its ability to achieve success on all levels, and access to the ambitions according to the shrewd vision of the beloved leader of the country - may Allah protect him -.

His Excellency demonstrated: The geographical distribution of services that were accomplished in various areas have had a positive impact in achieving sustainable development plans in the various governorates of the Sultanate, and if we look at the achievements in the municipal and water resources sectors, we can not evaluate them separately from other accomplishments, since all of them are considered as interrelated series of the welfare and grant of the Omani Development process

which distinguished by the justice of distribution and balance in planning. The developmental approach in establishing the projects of infrastructure in all aspects is parallel with qualifying and developing the Omani people in order to give them the opportunity to participate in the

country efforts and its developmental projects as they represent the main driver of the essence of the overall development and its real director.

His Excellency pointed out, in the framework of the integrated service system provided for the Omani society that marked by its noticeable movement in quantity and quality and projects which covered the whole country and included all aspects of life, the municipal and water sectors acquired the royal attention of His Majesty- may Allah protect him- and his wise guidance to provide services and projects that fulfill the increasing demands of the Omani society. People of this dear country have the right to be proud of the development plans achievements during the past years.

His Excellency, Ahmed bin Abdullah bin Mohammed Al Shihi, the Minister of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources, concluded his statement saying, "18th of November will remain a source of determination and inspiration for Oman people to continue the process of progress and prosperity in this blessed land and they renew commitment and loyalty to the beloved leader, His Majesty the Sultan Qaboos. We pray that Allah protect him and guide him to the right path to achieve glory and prosperity for this dear country.

Monitoring of food stores intensified

The Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources (MRMWR) is continuing its preparations for the Holy Month of Ramdan by intensifying services to people.

The campaign includes preparing slaughterhouses and the strict monitoring of all food stores.

This will con-tinue throughout the month of Ramadan and EId AL-Fiter, eng Abdullah Bin Hilal AL Hidabi, assistant director general of Health Control and Sanitation at MRMWR.

MRMWR website bags award for e-governance

The Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources(MRMWR) Won the e-Governance award 2011 for internet sites for municipalities and governorates organized by the arab league and the internet awards academy in the arab region.

Hamad bin Hamdan bin said al Amiri, Director of the Department of awareness and information, said that this win came in line with the royal directives His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said to accelerate the Application of e-gover-nance system to meet the growing needs of all citi-zens.

He added that this win was the culmination of the efforts made by the min-istry of Regional Munici-palities and Water Resources made a number of achievements and advanced positions at the regional, Arab and local levels.

Qurayat celebrates Arab Water Day

Sayyid Ahmed bin Hilal al Busaidy, Wali of Qurayat, yesterday presided over an open day organised by the Regional Municipalities and Water Resources Ministry in collaboration with the Educational Supervision Office as part of the events to mark the Arab Water Day. The day included theatre performances, recital of poems and competitions organised by students at Qurryat schools. The events introduced the Arab Water Day, its importance and the role of individuals in preserving water resources and using them rationally.

Water projects under way in Buraimi

Al BURAIMI The Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources continues to execute some water projects worth 7 millions rials at wilayats of Al Buraimi governorate by establishing five dams at the Wilayat of Mahdha and carrying maintenance works of eight afalaj in wilayats of Al Buraimi and Mahdha.

HE Eng. Rashed Bin Said Al Kindi, Director of the Directorate of Water Resources Affairs at the Directorate-General of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources in Al Buraimi, said that the dams which are under execution at the Wilayat of Mahdha will contribute in developing the underground storage and water conditions at the villages located adjacent to the dams.

Al Kindi added that two central dams for underground water nutrition will be established in Wadi Mseelk and Wadi Mahdha. The first is of 2,700 metres length with a height of 9 metres and storage capacity of 1.9 million cubic metres, while the second one is of 2150 metres length with a height of 8 metres and a storage capacity of 1.17millions cubic metres.

The director added that the other dams are small including two dams for underground water nutrition at the villages of Haywan and Abu Qala, and a storage dam in Msah village.

MRMWR releases book on dams in Sultanate

The Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources (MRMWR) released a book ‘Dams in the Sultanate of Oman,’ as part of the ministry’s publications that aims to raise awareness on water and preserving water resources and its development.

The book includes a number of chapters, most importantly the climate and geological nature in the Sultanate, water resources, dams and their types and details, the number of dams in the Sultanate, and their objectives.

The book talks about the water oversight bodies, and what is related to the operation of dams and their importance by collecting information during rainfall, registering dams’ maintenance and others and regular monitoring of their locations and their management.

The book is written in a simple way, is a reference and scientific research in the field of water management in the Sultanate.

Ministerial decision on smoking issued

HE Sheikh Abdullah Bin Salim Al Rowas, Minister of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources, issued a ministerial decision regarding smoking regulation in public places.

According to the decision, smoking will be banned in all enclosed public places and public transportation facilities. The decision also stressed the need to remove ashtrays from the interiors of all public places. It also instructs to put them at least 7.5 metres away from the entrance of the building and to put up ‘No Smoking’ signboards both in Arabic and English at a visible place.

The decision said the places allowed for smoking should be fully isolated from areas used by non-smokers and the total area should be not less than 20sqmt with a height of around three metres. The door of the place should remain closed at all times except the time of entry and exit of people. It should be 7.5-metre away from the main entrance of the buildings. There should be at least 1.80sqmt area for each person inside the room. The place shall not be used for any other activity other than smoking such as sitting, resting, eating, drinking, playing or other entertainment.

The ministerial decision stipulates that it should be mentioned in Arabic and English that the space is dedicated to smoking only. Besides, the entry to that room should be restricted to the persons above the age of 18. The decision also explains other technical details of the ban and the places where smoking is banned such as places of worship, educational institutions, government institutions and health and sports institutions.

Water ministers to discuss key issues

Shaikh Abdullah bin Salim al Rowas, Regional Municipalities and Water Resources Minister, left for Cairo yesterday to attend a two-day meeting of the Arab Ministerial Council for Water which opens today. The ministers will discuss the water security strategy in the Arab region in the face of the challenges and the future requirements, follow up implementation of the integrated administration project of water resources and review the millennium goals in terms of water supply, sanitation and the Arab preparation for the 6th World Water Forum due to be held in Marseille, France in 2012. The ministers will also discuss enhancing the negotiating capacities of Arab states in respect to the joint water resources with non-Arab countries, determine the prize of the Arab Ministerial Council for Water for 2012 and discuss what has been achieved in the council`s activities in 2009 and 2010.